Dinosaur Statue

Dinosaur Statue


dinosaur statue

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Dinosaur Statue

Show off your wild side! Glasspoll Art’s collection of Prehistoric Dinosaur Statue will have your guests enjoying a bit of frightful fun. The Velociraptor’s terrifying teeth or Triceratops’s powerful horns in your Jurassic themed garden will frighten your guests. And don’t forget the king of the dinosaurs: the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex promises to prowl your flowerbeds with deadly impact!

Main features & advantage of our products are Resistance to

  • Water & Moisture, Unbreakable, Lightweight.
  • Attack of termite, borer, fungus.
  • Salty water.
  • Mild acid, chemical.
  • Any weather Condition.


This statue is in our Kolkata workshop and ready for immediate shipping to anywhere in the world. If you are an international customer please mention “International Port Name” at checkout. The shipping charge will be calculated after receiving your port name.

Glasspoll Art will email you the correct shipping cost subject to your approval or you may do it on your own or email us for a shipping quote. On the other hand, Glasspoll Art uses the Instapak foam injection packing system or bubble wrap and recycled peanuts to ensure that all our pieces arrive undamaged.

Care: Fiberglass Dome Roof Gazebo from India is extremely strong and durable. On the other hand, you can drop it and put them through stress and not break. Additionally, the paint can be washed without discoloring or fading.

Fiberglass Dome Roof Gazebo is extremely durable and strong! However, the only maintenance you will need will be to dust them regularly.

If you have any questions concerning your fiber statue please call us at +91 9831583007.

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