Fiber Standing Ganesha Statue

Fiber Standing Ganesha Statue


Fiber Standing Ganesha Statue
Materials:Fiberglass hand made in Kolkata, India
Total Height Including Base:48 inches
Base Width & Depth:24 x 24 inches
Weight: 15 kg
Ganesh is standing holding an elephant goad, noose, his broken tusk and a mango
He is the “remover of obstacles” and inolked before any new beginning or new venture to help clear the path for success
Fiber statues are very durable and strong but also light weight and movable. The statue can be washed making it perfect for performing abhishek during puja ceremonies

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Fiber Standing Ganesha Statue is In His hand he holds a noose, elephant goad, mango and his broken tusk he used to write the Mahabharata epic. On his forehead he has a tilak comprised of three horizontal stripes which Saivites wear. Because Ganesh is Shiva’s son he is wearing the tilak of his father. Fiber statues are extremely strong and durable while also being light weight and movable. They can be washed for easy cleaning. Liquids used for abhishekam during puja will not dull or harm the colors.

  • Fiber Standing Ganesha Statue is custom made in Glasspoll Art workshop,kolkata.india
    “In heaven Lord Ganesh will establish the predominance of gods,on earth that of people, in the nether world that of serpents and anti-gods”

    gentl elephant-headed Ganesh, or Ganesha, is one of Hinduisms most popular deities. He is the remover of obstacles, the deity whom worshippers first acknowledge when they visit a temple.Fiber Standing Ganesha Statue is also patron of letters and of learning; he is the legendary scribe who, using his broken tusk, which he often holds, wrote down parts of the Mahabharata epic. Ganesh is usually depicted colored red; he is pot bellie, and has four arms that may hold a pasam, and a pot of rice or sweetmeats.The sweet meats are held in a type of bowl known as a laddu.

    Statues of Ganesh can be found in most Indian city. His image is placed where new houses are to be built; he is honored at the start of a journey or business venture, and poets traditionally invoke him at the start of a book.

    Fiber Standing Ganesha Statue A pasam is a triple twine weapon. Each of the three twines represents, arrogance and conceit, Maya – the illusory nature of the real world,ignorance. In Hindu ideology weapons are a viewed as symbolic tools to destroy the ego rather than to cause any type of bloodshed. Glasspoll Art is making Fiber Standing Ganesha Statue in Kolkata Workshop from year 2000.

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