Fiberglass Horse Sculptures

Fiberglass Horse Sculptures


Materials: Fiberglass hand made in Kolkata, India
Total Height Including Base: 6 ft
Base Width & Depth: 8 ft x 3 ft
Weight: 61 kg
• A grade Poly resin with Gale code and Fiber .
• We use NC DUCO for paints & clear lacquer paints
• Thickness of this statue 2 MM to 6 mm approximately with metal structure inside the statue.
• It is made for outdoor use
Main features & advantage of our products are given below
• Resistance to water & Moisture, Unbreakable, Light weight
• Resistance to attack of termite, borer, fungus
• Resistance to salty water
• Resistance to mild acid, chemical
• Completely weather proof

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Fiberglass Horse Sculptures

Are you planning to decorate your garden with an amazing piece of art? Order a fiberglass animal sculpture at our Glasspoll Art online store and we would ensure its timely delivery at your desired address. Glasspoll Art makes it possible to decorate your beautiful home or garden with our affordable fiberglass horse sculptures. With fiberglass, you would not have to worry anymore about the product’s durability. You can keep the fiber horse statue outdoors, exposed to natural environment as unpredictable weather conditions cannot tamper its quality; unlike concrete sculptures.

Just name your preference and we have the exact item for you. On the other hand, we provide a wide variety of animal statues including wild species as well as domestic pets. You can choose from the different sizes available.

Whether you want a gigantic dinosaur to lurk in your backyard, or an elephant decorating your fountain space, we cover all your needs. According to some major philosophies; including that of China, keeping animal statues in your living space would exude positive energy. How did this belief come into existence? There has been a prevailing thought that says every animal species has a unique spirit.

These spirits denote power, wisdom, and purpose, in a broader manner. If narrowed down to tiniest levels, some animal spirits such as that of wolves stand for extreme intelligence and sharp instincts. Besides, wolf spirit is said to bestow intelligence upon those who choose to keep its replica in their living area.

Similarly, owl spirit allows you to see further than the visible aspects of life and makes you wiser. Every animal has its own spirit that would support you in order to fulfill your desires. Do not hesitate to place an order with us for your most desired fiber animal sculpture.

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