Fiberglass Ostrich statue

Fiberglass Ostrich statue


Fiberglass Ostrich statue

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Fiberglass Ostrich Statue

Our striking Fiberglass Ostrich Statue adds a gentle, pastoral feeling to your garden. The depictions of an ostrich are close to life-size and are crafted in weather-resistant fiberglass from remarkably detailed original sculptures.

Unlike her living counterpart, our fiberglass ostrich statue won’t be treating your garden as her own personal buffet. She’ll just stand quietly, representing the fauna amidst your entire flora. Moreover, our handsome fiberglass statue stands tall and proud in your landscape. On the other hand, the fiberglass statue will display an impressive rack of antlers and keep an eye over its domain.

The ostriches are a family of flightless birds which are classified as “Struthionidae”. The two extant species of ostrich are the Common Ostrich and Somali Ostrich. Both of these extant in the genus Struthio contain several species known from Holocene fossils such as the Asian ostrich. The common ostrich is the more widespread of the two living species. Additionally, they are also the largest living bird species of the planet. Other ostriches are also among the largest bird species ever.

Ostriches are classified in the ratite group of birds, all extant species of which are flightless, including the kiwis, emus, and rheas. Traditionally, the order Struthioniformes contained all the ratites.

All our statues are filled with striking detail, making them remarkably lifelike. From the defined musculature and realistic fur texture to their expressive faces, all the details work together to create truly impressive art for your outdoor spaces. A large range of fiberglass sculptures in many poses have been sculpted in high detail and finished to museum quality.

Unlike their taxidermy equivalents, the pieces are pure art without the problems of endangered fauna in protected wildlife skins.

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