Product: Fiberglass Durga Idol White color

  • Price is Negotiable.
  • Materials: Fiberglass, hair, cloth & beads hand made in Kolkata, India
  • Total Height Including Base: 66 inches
  • Base Width & Depth: 66 x 17 inches
  • Weight: 125 poundsMaterial in Use:
    A grade Poly resin with Gale code and Fiber .
    We use NC DUCO for paints & clear lacquer paints
    Thickness of this statue 4 MM to 6 mm approximately with metal structure inside the statue.
    It is made for outdoor useMain features & advantage of our products are given below :Resistance to water & Moisture, Unbreakable, Light weight
    Resistance to attack of termite, borer, fungus
    Resistance to salty water
    Resistance to mild acid, chemical
    Completely weather proof
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In Bengal and some other adjoining areas she is also worshipped with her whole family with Karthikeya, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Laxmi. Even while slaying the buffalo demon her face is lighted with smile which radiates peace and wellbeing for all.


h2 New Fiberglass Sherawali Durga Idol Legend has it that Mahisasura, the shape shifting buffalo was once terrorizing the world, kicking up dust, leaving destruction in his wake with his armies torturing pious sadhus(hermits) and disrupting yagyas and havanas. As the Devas and Asuras are locked in a perpetual battle symbolizing the ever recurring war between good and evil, Mahisasura was looking to gain edge over the Devas by getting stronger. He started penance and hardship in the form of Tapasya of Lord Brahma. Finally Lord Brahma appeared and granted him a wish.

h3 New Fiberglass Sherawali Durga Idol First each of the gods are made using a clay.  A mold is then made from each clay model.  A liquid fiberglass mixture is then poured into the mold and allowed to harden.  The mold is then broken off and the hardened fiber models are put together.  Clothes are then fashioned to fit the gods.  The clothes are custom made using old saris and patterned cloth.  Glass beads are then fixed to the cloths.  The crowns are made using cloth and then held in place with fiber skeletons.  Beads are added to the crowns as well.  Jewelry inlcuding nose rings, earrings, rings and bangals are added to each figure.  The long, black, curly hair is made from horse hair and is added to each of the gods.  The figures are all hand painted.

Fiberglass Durga idol With Family

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Dimensions 66 × 24 × 72 cm

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