Fiberglass Durga Murti

Fiberglass Durga Murti


Size : H 6 FEET X L 5,5 FEET X D 2 FEET

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<h1>Fiberglass Durga Murti</h1>

Durga is a popular form of the Hindu goddess. Literally, the word Durga means impassable. In Hindu mythology, Fiberglass Durga Murti has 10 arms. Durgatinashini mainly symbolizes the way she protects her devotees from all forces of evil. It combats against evil and demonic forces that threaten people, peace and prosperity.

According to ancient history, Durga ,  Fiberglass Durga Murti is surrounded by her children Ganesh, Kartik, Laxmi and Saraswati. Durga Idol is made by clay. Durga idol is the center piece of the statue, sitting on a lion by spreading her ten hands with special weapons. The weapon called Trishul is bent on the destruction of Mahishasura. The idol generally captures the moment when Durga’s spear pierces the chest of Mahishasura. Fiberglass Durga Murti.

As stated in Hindu mythology, Durga was created by Brahma, Vishnu and Lord Shiva for the slaying of buffalo demon Mahishasura.  This evil power won the favor of Lord Brahma for his prolonged meditation.

Lord Brahma pleased with the meditation of Mahishasura and blessed him with no power on earth and in heaven would be able to destroy him. Then the Mahishasura started off his dreadful reign of terror both in the earth and heaven.

People on earth were disturbed for the evil activities of Mahishasura and his army. Even in the Heaven Lord Indra was defeated and his throne was taken by Mahishasura. All gods went to Trinity Deities to resolve the fatal troubles.

Then the supreme power merged together and born fully grown and beautiful young Mahishasura Mardini statue from the male divinities and true source of their inner power.

Durga was empowered with special eternal powers, ten hands with holding the special weapons each, mounted on the direst lion which was tormented with terrible power. Durga statue was always depicted with three eyes that signify Sun, Moon and Fire. Her beautiful look with glowing face and broad-open eyes added a special glory on her personality.

Durga murti was the only one who could defeat Mahishasura. For destroying the Evil Power, Durga is also named with Mahishasura Mardini. Now she is a central divinity of Shaktism tradition of Hinduism.


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