Fiberglass Planter Pot V shape

Fiberglass Planter Pot V shape


Materials: Fiberglass hand made & hand painted in Kolkata, India
Total Height Including :  24 inches
Base Width & Depth: 12 x 12 inches
Weight: 6 kgs

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The right accents make any space more pleasing. When it comes to creating a visually appealing space for your home or business, the use of Fiberglass Planters Pot V shape is always a winning selection. Ideal for use in a range of settings, such as lobbies, patios, pools, and anywhere you want to make a bold design statement, these fiberglass planters are always a winning choice. Perfect for adding style with a pop of color, while adding the freshness of greenery to the mix, these options are sure to bring new life to your space.

Our collection of indoor/outdoor planters features options that serve as carefully-created designer accents. They feature simple, clean designs that complement decor from traditional to contemporary with ease. All of our hand-crafted fiberglass planters are constructed to be durable, elegant, and versatile, evolving with your space over time. We offer a wide range of styles to suit any preference or décor theme.

Whether you prefer the lively choice of vibrant hues in a fluted design, muted earth tones in a wide planter box or the thoroughly modern appeal of a low bowl planter style for added personality, we have the right aesthetic for your preferences right here. In addition to the range of available styles, these options also come in a range of colors, finishes, and sizes to help you create the perfect outcome to match your initial vision for the space.

Material in Use

  • A grade Poly resin with Gale code and Fiber.
  • We use NC DUCO for paints & clear lacquer paints.
  • It is made for outdoor use.

Main features & the advantages of our products are given below

  • Resistance to water & Moisture, Unbreakable, Lightweight.
  • It is also resistant to salty water.
  • Resistance to mild acid, chemical.
  • Completely weatherproof.

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