Fiberglass Buddha Statue

Fiberglass Buddha Statue


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Here at Glasspoll Art, our Indian style Buddha is seated on a large double lotus base in the Bhumisparsa mudra or earth touching position. His right hand is on his knee en route to touching the earth in the earth touching mudra where the Buddha asked mother earth, Gaya, to witness him becoming enlightened. Moreover, the fiberglass Buddha statue is seated in the padmasana or full lotus position. This is the leg position of deep meditation. On the other hand, he has a handsome face set in deep concentration. His long earlobes perfectly frame his features. Additionally, his robe hangs over his left shoulder leaving his right shoulder bare.

On the other hand, our fiberglass Buddha statue is available in a glossy and high-quality finish. The position of our Fiberglass Buddha Statue is in the sitting position. Our fiberglass Buddha statue is available in different sizes and color combinations also as per the clients’ requirements. Statue can be used in external as well as internal environment as it can withstand extreme temperatures easily. The longevity, on the other hand, can extend to several years and beyond. At Glasspoll Art, our fiberglass Buddha statue can also be available in different sizes and color combinations as per the requirement.

Glasspoll Art has been in this fiberglass industry since 2002. We have established the best and traditional infrastructure for all types of fiberglass products. From Fiberglass planters to fiberglass statues and beyond, we have got all covered. Moreover, we are providing fiberglass products to international customers and as well as to local customers. On the other hand, our existing customers refer their family and friends to try our fiberglass products. This is the reason why we are the best fiberglass marketplace.

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