Fiberglass angel Sculpture

Fiberglass angel Sculpture


Materials: Fiberglass hand made & hand painted in Kolkata, India
Total Height Including Base: 72 inches
Base Width & Depth: 36 x 30 inches
Weight: 20 kgs

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High-quality fiberglass Angel Sculpture figure sculpture

The very sight of the serene and eye-catching fiber statues of angels can evoke a soothing feeling. The innocent charm portrayed by these statues induces peace and tranquillity. By merely staring at these bewitching fiber sculptures you can enjoy bliss and be relieved of stress.

The talented artists and creative designers of Glasspoll Art are second to none when it comes to giving shape to such figurines that depict an angelic charm. Hence, install such attractive statues at your place or surroundings in various postures. No wonder, Glasspoll Art can deliver the best of fiberglass statues as envisioned by you. Our fiberglass products are also guided by our expert designers at reasonable prices.

The fiberglass angel sculpture was customized based on the client’s demand, we can make them to fiberglass statues based on request, and the statue surface will be polished smooth.

Our Fiberglass angel Sculpture is totally handmade and hand-painted at our workshop, Fiber statues from India are extremely strong and durable. You can drop them and put them through stress and not break. On the other hand, the paint is washable without discoloring or fading. This makes the sculpture perfect to fulfill your d├ęcor purpose. However, the only maintenance you will need will be to dust them regularly.

If you have any questions concerning your fiber statue please email us at or call us at +91 9831583007.

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